Robin Hood

“Robin Hud” is the TV show that functions as the service for citizens aiming to increase the confidence between citizens and institutions through efficient resolving of problems.

The show is focused on resolving of problems citizens face with on everyday basis.

TV program “Robin Hud” processed more than 800 cases in nine TV seasons, covering topics related to almost 70.000 citizens, with 70% success. This TV program achieved the largest confidence and high number of viewers.

The newest in the concept of this TV show:

– Direct communication between the TV show and network of nongovernmental organizations and monitors of work of basic courts and health care centres;
– Signed Memorandum on Cooperation with the Union of free trade unions of Montenegro;
– Opened digital platform with all geo-mapped problems of citizens at

The concept

“Robin Hud” is the TV show that solves problems citizens face with on everyday basis. Citizens contact the team of this TV show via phone, email, letter or personally. They present the problem, indicate on all legal and other relevant circumstances, present the history of the problem, the most recent situations and identify the institution or a person in public service who caused the problem with their omissions or inadequate acting.

Afterwards, for a short time (after contacting NGO network and monitors on the terrain, and legal representatives for legal clarifications when needed) journalist go on the terrain and meet the people who present the problem. Through presentation of problems, recorded at the terrain, we want to identify causes and current situation, but also the impact this problem has on citizens. Other aspects of the problem, as well as its solving, are presented on live TV show through conversation between the host and representatives of responsible institution. Usually more guests participate in this TV show, because the case is related to more institutions. All guests in the studio have the opportunity to explain how the problem occurred, what were eventual obscurities and finally to propose manner for its solving. Promises given in the TV show in front of the wide public are in most cases guarantee for resolving of problem, but not always. For that reason, we monitor cases and invite the same guests again during the year and during the next season, until the problem is solved. Finally, after shooting of TV report and conversation with responsible institutions, citizens who report the problem speak over the phone on live TV show, and is able to comment offered solutions or explanation of the situation by guests in the studio. Final word has the public in the studio, which is mostly composed of students, who have the opportunity to express their critical opinion. In this manner, through interactive communication with all interested parties, we present all aspects of the problem and do not leave space for any doubts.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of this TV show is the fact that the editor in chief stays in contact with citizens and monitors the situation as well. Sometimes, specific cases are monitored for a year, because responsible institutions “forget” given promises or they simply do not respect positive legal regulations. A couple of cases appeared in the TV show eight times during two years: after first presentation of problem, and if there is no solution to the problem, public stays informed and reminded about the situation and promises, and again is required action of responsible institutions in accordance with the Law and the Constitution, they violated with their omitting. Persistent insisting is often successful, and after specific period of time, responsible institution reacts and solves the problem. Then, TV cameras are there to register moments that are the most important for citizens, and present significant satisfaction for the team of “Robin Hud”.

RH in reports

The report of USAID “Assessment of corruption: Montenegro” identified “Robin Hud” and described the TV show as unique independent program that deals with complaints of citizens and thus, contributes to creating of public awareness about violations of power and corruption.

In the season 2015/2016, on Friday at 20:00, will be broadcasted TV show “Knjiga zalbi” (Book of complaints), 30 minutes TV show that functions as the service for citizens, aiming to increase the confidence between citizens and institutions through more efficient solving of their problems.

Citizens report their problems via phone line, email or via social networks. This TV show is focused on solving of problems people face with on everyday basis. Editors of this program stay in contact with citizens even after broadcasting of TV show, and monitor at the same time further development of situation.