With the regional promotion of the movie „SIGEMBR“ that will take place at Cineplexx in Podgorica, on 22 February, at 19:00, NGO „35mm“ from Podgorica, will finish Montenegrin promotion of the movie that has been been created as the response of youth on hate towatds differences and other people, in cooperation with partner organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Romania.

The ten-minute movie is dealing with the issues of xenophobia (hate towards differences and other people). Youth workers and leaders work on this movie during the training in Prčanj, between 19 and 30 August 2016. Young people from seven European countries, who arrive from various national groups, jointly created the short movie in order to show they had the solution and idea for “Balkan without hate”.


The movie „SIGEMBR“ was the product of the several months long work of: Association GEYC (Romania), Center for the Youth Development – PRONI (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Identities (Italy), Green Spirit (Greece), Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), IdejNet (Serbia), and NGO “35mm” (Montenegro). It represents the end up of the training, which attended 30 representatives from seven different countries, in the frame of the project “Balkan Without Hate”, implemented in the framework of the Program Erasmus+.

Main goal of the project „Balkan Without Hate“ was to reveal how young people and youth work can contribute to creation of original documentary about youth and multicultural societies we live in. With this project we wanted to show that young people from various national environments that have mostly been perveived as conflicted, may work together and produce something valuable. „SIGEMBR“ shows that young people have a solution and ideas on how they would like to function „Balkan Withut Hate“ and that they are much more than „the ones who are more often invilved in conflicts“.