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CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Bids for the procurement of services for the preparation of Investigative articles for the Digital Agenda

CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Bids for the procurement of services for the preparation of Investigative articles for the Digital Agenda

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For the purposes of the project Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA, co-financed by the European Union and based on the Grant Contract with ref. no. IPA/2019-414-059, NVO 35MM opens a

for the procurement of services for the preparation of Investigative articles for the Digital Agenda


NVO 35 MM is seeking to contract Investigative journalists who will be engaged to produce Investigative articles about the Digital Agenda.

In total 6 investigative articles will be published in the span course of three years, i.e. 2 per year.

The investigative articles should be focused on the impact of certain developments or situations on the lives of the ordinary citizens and the institutions to incite media interest and promote public debate (such as improving the efficiency of certain eGovernment applications or reporting on needs of citizens that have been met elsewhere through such solutions).

The articles will contribute to reaffirming and upholding the Digital Agenda through systematic fact-based investigative articles about issues directly affecting the quality of life of citizens in the Western Balkans. This activity will directly tackle the evident absence of fact-based media content that includes expert analysis mainstreaming the issues related to the Digital Agenda in the Western Balkans.

The journalists will conduct the investigative work and placement in Montenegro, where the articles will be based on.

Essential experience and qualification:

  • University degree or professional certifications for Journalism;
  • Applicants need to have a proven track record of at least 3 years’ experience in the field of Journalism;
  • Evidence of having done similar work previously (2 samples of investigative articles).

Key skills:

  • Good writing skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of Montenegrin language and English knowledge;
  • Good reporting and research skills;
  • Good understanding of the concept of digitalization.

The organization reserves the right to contract multiple journalists for this Call.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to snezana35mm@gmail.com with the subject: Application for investigative articles – ICEDA.

All applications must be submitted by September 23, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.

Note that only the selected journalist/s will be contacted.

The full description of the Call, as well as the application forms, can be found at the following links:

  1. Terms Of Reference for Journalists_MNE
  2. Appendix 1 – Financial offer
  3. Appendix 2 – Declaration for acceptance of the conditions from the tender documentation
  4. Appendix 3 – Declaration by which the tenderer confirms that they meet the criteria for determining the personal status

    The“Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA” project is co-funded by the European Union and is implemented by Metamorphosis FoundationOpen Data Kosovo (ODK)e-Government Academy (eGA), Center for Research, Transparency, and Accountability – CRTALëvizja MJAFTNVM 35 MM.

Request for Applications – Grants for Civil Society Organizations

Request for Applications – Grants for Civil Society Organizations

ICEDA is delighted to announce this Call for Applications to provide support to CSOs to promote the Digital Agenda through the first Small Grants Scheme Cycle LOT 1: Awarding of sub-grants for the e-Government Support Centers, awarding 15 small grants to CSOs from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia (the target is approximately 3 grants per country), in the range between EUR 13.000 to EUR 17.000 per grant. The duration for the implementation of the individual grants is 18 months.

More information can be found in the Announcement for the Call for proposals.

The full description of the Call, as well as the application forms, can be found at the following links.

Information Sessions

An online information session for potential applicants will be organized by the ICEDA project Partners, in the form of webinars for up to 1 hour. One information session will be held within each of the five Western Balkans countries, conducted in local languages.

For Montenegro, the session would be held on the 10th of September 2020 at 10:00 AM (follow @NVO35mmEmisijaRobinHud for more information).

Follow the Facebook and Twitter pages of the project for more information.

Where to apply and send the documents?

Applicants that would need clarifications or need additional information about the Call for proposals are invited to send them by e-mail to iceda@metamorphosis.org.mk before 15.09.2020 so they can receive the responses in time before the final deadline for submitting the project proposal.

Deadline for applying: 30.09.2020 by 23:59 CET.

The applications should be sent exclusively by e-mail to iceda@metamorphosis.org.mk. Application forms must be completed using the English language.


The “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA” project is co-funded by the European Union and is implemented by Metamorphosis FoundationOpen Data Kosovo (ODK)e-Government Academy (eGA), Center for Research, Transparency, and Accountability – CRTALëvizja MJAFTNVO 35 MM.

NGO “35mm”, Narrative report 2016

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In 2016 NGO “35mm” was mainly focused on three areas:

1. combating for citizens’ rights through TV show “Book of complaints” (Knjiga žalbi) broadcasted on National television service of Montenegro;
2. promoting tolerance in everyday life with memory on Holocaust through “Festival of tolerance”;
3. supporting marginalized groups in Montenegrin society to exercise their human rights and freedoms they already have as workers, patients, and consumers through project “Marginalized by the system: No more” and
4. exploring how young people and youth work can benefit from the creation of genuine youth documentaries by project “Balkan without Hate”.

TV show “Book of complaints” (Knjiga žalbi)

The ninth season of the unique product – TV show “Robin Hood” successfully finished in 2015, so this franchise has had a successful spin off – “Book of complaints”. At 2016 “Book of complaints” confirmed commitment to a Citizen and solving of its problems in the form of half-hour TV show, which was, just like the previous one, each week a successful mediator between those citizens who had presented their problems and institutions.


During the 2016 TV show “Book of complaints” focused mainly on topics of general interest, which were also related to the European integration of Montenegro, and especially for the rule of law. Through specific and individual cases which were represented to public “Book of complaints” supported citizens to gain rights that they have in the area of employment, judiciary, environment, health care, consumption and trade, etc. The show hosted 19 stories such as those about workers from company “Mašinopromet” because of the unpaid wages, workers from “Beds industry” because of the bankruptcy in that company and also worker from company “Mermer” who get hurt on his work and had problems after that with salary. Also “Book of complaints” was resolving cases related to rights of children with disabilities, journalist rights and working conditions in media in Montenegro, the situation in maternity hospitals, right to a fair trial, the right to protection of the environment, right of consumers, patients etc. The show presented cases of discrimination towards persons because of theirs gender, sex, nationality etc.

The TV show “Book of complaints” also served as voice of civil sector with reporting about and presenting projects, activities or initiatives of NGOs, related to the topic we investigated.

“Festival of tolerance”

In partnership with the organization of the Jewish Film Festival Zagreb, NGO “35mm” were organized the “Festival of Tolerance”, which took place in KIC “Budo Tomović” in the period from 30th May to 1st June 2016.

“Festival of tolerance”, was conceived as a film festival, with the rich accompanying program that includes film screenings, themed exhibitions, education and discussions aimed at the memory of the Holocaust, as well as raising awareness and adoption of tolerance in everyday life and the times in which we live.


As part of the film program, showing a total of 12 titles from the categories of feature, documentary, short and animated films, of which 10 produced or co-produced in the EU, as it is displayed and one domestic film, Montenegrin production.

Six films directly dealt topics of the Holocaust and the Second World War, while the other six covering a wide range of topics, from the position of women in today’s society, through neo-Nazism and violence against immigrants, to the causes and consequences of World War II and the LGBT community.

Montenegrin audience also had the opportunity to look at some of the favourites with audiences of Ljubljana and Zagreb edition of the festival (Drawing Against Oblivion), the Oscar-winning titles (A Girl and the River: The Price of Forgiveness / The girl in the river: Price forgiveness), with over 40 films awards to festivals around the world (Bienvenidos) or a film of domestic production (The Righteous / righteous).

The project is co-financed by the Fund for the citizens of Europe – European memory/EACEA European Remembrance.

“Marginalized by the system: No more”

The project “Marginalized by the system: No more” as main product has activity Civic Institute, which represents a tool for citizens of Montenegro to report if some of their rights are violated. Goal of the project is to support marginalized groups in Montenegrin society to exercise their human rights and freedoms they already have as workers, patients, and consumers. The project directly contributes to mentioned groups whose rights were violated, to seek and receive respect and fulfilment of rights they have, addressing nongovernmental organizations and institutions that are part of the network and members of Civic Institute.


Civic Institute provides direct information, legal and other forms of assistance to workers, patients and consumers. Furthermore, Civic Institute involves relevant institutions in a dialogue about the status of workers, patients and consumers. Civic Institute also monitors and reports about violation of rights of workers, patients, and consumers. Members of Civic Institute are: Clinic centre of Montenegro, Administration for Inspection Affairs of Montenegro, Media Trade Union, NGO “Roditelji” (Parents), NGO “Krug života” (Circle of life), Centre for the protection of consumers, Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, CAZAS, Foundation “Ruka prijateljstva” (Friendship hand), NGO “Bolji život” (Better Life) and NGO “Naša akcija” (Our action). Workers, patients and consumers whose rights are violated are efficiently supported to seek for fulfilment of their rights and to have their rights met through work of network “Civic institute” and all members of network.

All planned activities have been implemented during 2016 such as: production of TV series on Public service (TVCG), mobile application “Civic institute” which has been launched in September (the application is available for free download on Google Play Store), Network “Free Legal Clinic” has been established.

During the period January-December 2016 “Civic institute” succeeded to collect almost 1.600 complaints from citizens in the field of consumers, patients and workers’ rights. NGO “35mm”, along with associates and partners provided to citizens, whose rights were violated, legal advices and information about theirs rights, media coverage of topic, and also communicated with institutions etc.

For awareness raising campaign and also for communication with target groups “Civic institute” has Facebook and Twitter accounts –

https://www.facebook.com/Gradjanski-Institut-1000939619990976/, https://twitter.com/gradjanskiinst.

The three videos created for the purpose of this project are available at YouTube Channel


and were promoted on different electronic media as Agency for Electronic Media of Montenegro allowed their broadcasting outside of commercial quotes.

The project is financed by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

“Balkan without Hate”

The project explored how young people and youth work can benefit from the creation of genuine youth documentaries on what kind of (multicultural) societies they want to live in. The purpose was to showcase that young people from different, and usually perceived as conflicting, national identity groups, can work together and produces something valuable.


The project has been created as answer to the rise in most European countries of incidents inspired by xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. The Balkans is known for frequent conflicts and disagreements, especially when it comes to disagreements along ethnic and religious grounds. This historical situation has contributed to the increase of hatred and xenophobia that has targeted increasing numbers of refugees from Syria and other countries.

The project gathered partners from across the Balkan region and other countries in an effort to deal constructively with the past and to simultaneously take a step forward looking to the future. The youth workers participating in the project explored the use of video production and jointly made a movie on the theme of ‘Balkan without Hate’ under the name “SIGEMBR”. The movie represents the Balkans / Europe with having a ‘virus of xenophobia’. It was designed to be a teaser to encourage young people in the home communities of the youth workers to get involved in becoming active and recording their own visions of the ‘cure for the virus’. This movie has been disseminated and used to encourage young people, through creative expression, to get involved in creating a better world and oppose hate in society.

The most important impact of the project was the movie SIGEMBR on the topic of “Balkans without Hate”. The movie is being used as an innovative educational tool to start off in depth discussion on the identified issues.

Project is supported by European Commission, Erasmus+ Program.