About us


NGO „35mm“ is non-governmental, non-profit organization whose vision is to promote universal democratic values, respect of human rights and the rule of law, in order to contribute to access of Montenegro to the European Union and other integration processes. Since 2011, NGO “35mm” is part of nongovernmental foundation Civic Alliance.


Non-governmental organization “35mm” works on creation of better society in Montenegro and wider region. “Better society” implies respect of human rights and the rule of law, especially public responsibility and transparency of governments and their institutions, and also civic freedom of speech.

Our vision of Montenegro and the region presumes access of these reconciled, multicultural and mature democratic societies to the community of European countries.

Besides number of activities, NGO “35mm”, in partnership with international and national partners, implemented projects in the following key activities:

• Revealing of violation of civil rights in relation to public and institutions of the country through coordination of the “Civic Institute” Network that gathers four institutions and ten organizations under its umbrella. In first year of work the Network got 2.075 complaints from citizens through face-to-face and phone contact, mobile application, social media communication etc. All members provided direct help to citizens depending on their needs such as information provision, legal counseling, initiating dialogue with institutions or companies in question, securing media coverage for issue, etc.

• Production of social movies, documentaries and other video material – such as video materials concerning issues of asylum-seekers, refuges and victims of trafficking and LGBTIQ community.

• Creation of the space for reconciliation and cooperation in the region, and promoting idea of “no hate societies” through projects developed for youth leaders and youth workers. The idea is to create new educational tools and approaches for solving community problems, particularly those based on use of video production, new media and new technologies. Until now NGO “35mm” succeeded to provide to over 19.000 participants and other youth to engage in activities resulting in their great understanding of other nationalities and cultural concepts and the benefits of activism for societies “without Hate” for their respective communities; also developing positive attitude and provided support for “others” and joined forces for problem solving on community level. • Creation of the on-line space for citizen’s participation in solving issues and e-democracy through web portal ticeme.se. The issues that been in focus since the start are monitoring of media reporting during parliamentary elections in October 2016, Hate speech in Europe and Discrimination in employment in Montenegro.

• Education and support to students of journalism in the area of research journalism and specific media skills – the activities reached ~ 50 young journalists from Montenegro and the region for the research journalism and topics of great importance for the public.

The Program of NGO “35mm” has been established through the idea on creation of strong network for cooperation and support to various critical opinions in Montenegro and the region. The Program is grounded on three pillars: Citizens and Civil Society; Media and Public and Governmental Institutions. Such a comprehensive approach provides significant impact on creation of public opinion and the focus of public debates in the society.

Fundamental values of the Program are access based on rights of all citizens, with the accent on responsibility of the governmental and public institutions, especially towards citizens and on freedom of critical thinking and public expression of standpoints. The Program includes activities that are mutually connected and contribute to mutual successful implementation and sustainability.


NGO “35mm” team:

Darko Ivanovic – Establisher and Director

Darko Ivanovic is from Podgorica. After finished High School he enrolled the Faculty of Drama in Cetinje and Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic.

Darko worked in TVCG and TV IN, and is the author and owner of “Robin Hood” production, since 2006. Besides, he was earlier engaged as the cooperator in a number of foreign media, radio stations, and newspapers.

Darko graduated at the Faculty of Drama in Cetinje, at the Department of Film and Television. Fulbright/Humphrey scholar at the mass communication and journalism studies at the Arizona State University/Walter Cronkite School. He was afterwards engaged at the CNN Money in New York as the video producer.

Darko was author of more than 400 commercials, TV campaigns, documentaries and movies in Montenegro, although he was best known as the author of TV shows “Insider” and “Robin Hood”. He is the member of the national Commission for Investigation of Attacks on Journalists and the Managerial body of the Trade Union of journalists of Montenegro, lecturer at the Human Resources Management Authority on topic “PR and public appearance”.
Darko loves movies, literature, graphic novels and video games. He is a passionate collector and owns collection of movies and comics.

He loves music and body art, speaks several languages and plays saxophone.


Kristina Cetkovic – Consultant

Kristina Ćetkovic was born in Bar, on 21 April 1981. She finished elementary and high school in Bar. Afterwards, Kristina enrolled High Physiotherapy School, which later became Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy, where she passed all exams from elementary studies.

For her desire to contribute to the community in development of better and fair society, she enrolled the University course “Leadership and development work with youth”, implemented in Montenegro by PRONI (Project of Northern Ireland) on behalf of Jönköping University in Sweden. She later started to volunteer and then to work in Forum MNE (Youth Forum and informal education), which implements youth programs in Montenegro. As the youth worker, she worked on projects and activities intended to youth in youth clubs in Bar and Ulcinj. She was coordinator and a trainer at the youth camps for several times.

Due to student duties at the Faculty of Political Sciences, she left the youth work. She had a fellowship at the Municipality Bar. She finished Specialist Studies – Journalism Department and is currently at the master studies – Public Relations.

She started as a journalist writing firstly for the first student portal in Montenegro “Tragom”, and as the editor of the section “Univerziteti”. She worked few years at the portal Analitika. Currently, Kristina writes for VICE Serbia and Montenegrin edition of LGBT magazine “Optimist”.

Kristina emphasizes finished “Journalism School” in organization of the Media Institute Montenegro, “Gender Studies School”, implemented by Gender Equality Office, Mediteran University and UNDP and “School of Democracy” of Center for Civic Education.

Kristina likes to read, ride bicycle and to spend time with her dog Pina.