35mm - 35mm je nevladina, neprofitna organizacija sa vizijom promovisanja univerzalnih demokratskih vrijednosti, poštovanja ljudskih prava i vladavine zakona kako bi pomogla približavanju Crne Gore Evropskoj uniji i drugim integracionim procesima. Od 2011. godine 35mm je dio Građanske alijanse.

Using power on the seventh one – Montenegro case

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Documentary „Using power on the seventh one – Montenegro case“, was created by NGO „35mm“ in cooperation and journalists „Vijesti“ Svetlana Đokić and Tatjana Asanin – was born from the desire to leave a heritage to future generations, as well as a reminder about dramatic stories about Montenegrin journalists and their lives that are in risk only because of the job they have chosen, the desire to investigate and inform citizens about their investigations.

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Untold stories: Journalists endangered

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In the framework of the project “Untold stories: Journalists endangered” and in cooperation with prominent journalists from TV “Vijesti”, NGO “35mm” from Podgorica will present a documentary to the public about attacks on journalists and media in Montenegro, which happened in previous years, incidents that saw nobody processed nor sentenced and whose organisers have never been brought to justice.

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